Where students learn the joy of music.

"My daughter is learning quickly and we are more than satisfied with her experience at Joyful Sounds.  The techniques used are obviously effective." Laura P.

We are so impressed with Joyce at Joyful Sounds! She is great with students and uses multiple methods to help students learn. 

Our daughter started lessons less than a year ago, and the progress she has made is amazing!

B. Rollins


"Why I love the studio is because it feels like home. All the wonderful music makes it so much better.  I have seen myself become amazing.  I can remember when I could not even play the left hand". Mackenzie G.
"I like the studio because my teacher encourages me and is AWESOME." Charity G.

"My boys were ages 6 and 7 when we began piano lessons at Joyful Sounds Music Studio.  Mrs. Hoke is a wonderful and encouraging teacher. She is patient and creates an environment that is relaxed yet engaging.  The variety of incentives that she provides, have been very motivating for my boys.  They look forward to their weekly lessons in the studio!

As a parent, I appreciate how easy it is to communicate with Mrs. Hoke.  The calendar on her website makes it easy to schedule make-up lessons, when needed.  I appreciate the variety of assignments and activities that are sent home for weekly helps make out at-home practice time enjoyable.  We have been very pleased with our first year of piano lessons!"  from Jessica


"I think your a great teacher. Your'e kind, fun, and make piano lessons feel like going to a water park!  I would recommend Mrs. Hoke because she is amazing and makes every lesson feel like your'e on vacation! Camilla

My daughter loves coming to Joyce’s studio. Her favorite thing is writing songs. With Joyce’s help, she can write a song on paper and then enter it into a computer program. The computer will play the song and then it gets printed it out and added to her repertoire!

"I think that you are the best and I learn so much from you.  I went from not playing at all to starting to play big songs. I think that you are fun, silly, easy to talk to and most of all the best piano teach of all time!!! Adrina 

"I have wanted to play piano since I was 5 and my aunt had a piano I would tinker with.  We never had a piano, so I made sure all my kids played piano.
   When my kids grew up and left home I started lessons for myself.  I've had 2 previous piano teachers, but none who have inspired and helped me as much as Joyce.  
She has such a non-judgmental approach and is constantly throwing fun new music at me.  I have learned so much theory so effortlessly and I am thoroughly enjoying myself!" from Wendy

"I've truly enjoyed my piano lessons so far.  I really enjoy the depth of musical knowledge Joyce has while also having a "let's find out!" attitude...
I appreciate that you (Joyce) often don't point out mistakes directly, but instead guide me towards realizing them myself, which really speeds up the learning process.  
It's much more intuitive when you as the learner understand how and why the mistakes are happening.  The feedback you provide during lessons is concise and valuable.
  It directly applies to the situation at hand, rather than being a long discussion of  "the proper way to do things".  I appreciate the immense variety of music you are
 able to provide. It really helps ease some of the inevitable repetition that comes with mastering the technical aspects of piano.  I enjoy the flexibility to the the lessons 
as well, sometimes focusing only on one piece, sometimes covering 6 in a day...Thank you for being so personable and kind! I It makes me look forward to piano 
lessons each week. I also appreciate your never-ending excitement for music.  It makes the entire experience very enjoyable and I often can't wait to get home and
 try out the things we've discussed in lessons." Ryan, adult student