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1. How old was Johann SabastienBach when he died?

2. How many children did Johann Sabastien Bach have?

3. What was the last set of music that Johann Sabastien Bach was working on called?

4. Name one song that Johann Sabastien Bach wrote.

5.  Where was Ludwig Van Beethoven born?

6. Name one of Ludwig Van Beethoven's teachers.

7. What disability did Ludwig Van Beethoven have?

8. Name one song tht Ludwin Van Beethoven wrote.








Student's Notes and "Quotes":

"Music is like life, take it step by step; if you mess up just continue"
-student, age 11

"It is not the quality of music that makes a player, but the effort and emotion that a player puts into a song."
-student, age 12

"A crescendo is like a foghorn. It starts with a small voice and grows to a loud echo."
-student, age 9

"If you don't C#, you'll Bb."
-student, age 9

"A diminuendo is when you DIM the volume."
-student, age 12

"Playing piano is like eating a melon, hard to do very fast, but easy if you break it apart and deal with it one piece at a time."
-student, age 10

"Sometimes B sharp, never B flat, always B natural."
-student, age 9

"If you turn a slur upside down, it looks like a smile."
-student, age 10

"A sharp looks like a tic-tac-toe board."
-student, age 10

"Playing piano is a way to express your feelings to others."
-student, age 10

"P - Play
   I - Imagine New Songs
  A - And
  N - Never
  O - Object to new songs."
-student, age 10

"An accent sign is like a tack. When you step on it, you sounds louder."
-student, age 15

"Some learn faster, some learn slower,
But to perfect the piano you must play it over and over."
-student, age 15

"The piano is a soft harmonic instrument that soothes the human soul."
-student, age 15

"I began playing piano
With a lot of desire.
When I strike the keys,
It warms my heart like fire."
-student, age 15

"To remember a whole rest, think of a hole in the ground; to remember a half rest, think of a hat."
-student, age 13

"A half rest floats on top of the line because it is lighter. The whole rest sinks below the line because it is heavier."
-student, age 10

"A staccato is like a pogo stick"

"Piano was the most important solo instrument, for which the most music was composed, from the late 18th through early 20th centuries"
- student age 14

"The metronome was invented by Etienne Loulie in 1696.  His device was rather tall.  It was 2 meters high (almost 7 feet)."
-student, age 8

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