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Student's Notes and "Quotes":

"Music is like life, take it step by step; if you mess up just continue"
-student, age 11

"It is not the quality of music that makes a player, but the effort and emotion that a player puts into a song."
-student, age 12

"A crescendo is like a foghorn. It starts with a small voice and grows to a loud echo."
-student, age 9

"If you don't C#, you'll Bb."
-student, age 9

"A diminuendo is when you DIM the volume."
-student, age 12

"Playing piano is like eating a melon, hard to do very fast, but easy if you break it apart and deal with it one piece at a time."
-student, age 10

"Sometimes B sharp, never B flat, always B natural."
-student, age 9

"If you turn a slur upside down, it looks like a smile."
-student, age 10

"A sharp looks like a tic-tac-toe board."
-student, age 10

"Playing piano is a way to express your feelings to others."
-student, age 10

"P - Play
   I - Imagine New Songs
  A - And
  N - Never
  O - Object to new songs."
-student, age 10

"An accent sign is like a tack. When you step on it, you sounds louder."
-student, age 15

"Some learn faster, some learn slower,
But to perfect the piano you must play it over and over."
-student, age 15

"The piano is a soft harmonic instrument that soothes the human soul."
-student, age 15

"I began playing piano
With a lot of desire.
When I strike the keys,
It warms my heart like fire."
-student, age 15

"To remember a whole rest, think of a hole in the ground; to remember a half rest, think of a hat."
-student, age 13

"A half rest floats on top of the line because it is lighter. The whole rest sinks below the line because it is heavier."
-student, age 10

"A staccato is like a pogo stick"

"Piano was the most important solo instrument, for which the most music was composed, from the late 18th through early 20th centuries"
- student age 14

"The metronome was invented by Etienne Loulie in 1696.  His device was rather tall.  It was 2 meters high (almost 7 feet)."
-student, age 8

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