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Quote from parent "The songs came through. I love them! They make me get all teary. I've been able to email the files directy to grandparents and everyone has been able to open them without a problem. The quality is crystal clear. The songs are perfect to use in Windows Movie Maker for our family album DVDs. It is such a gift to have these recordings. Thank you for doing this."




The studio is excited to announce that it now has a PocketTrak Digital Recorder.  This allows music to be recorded digitally. This file can then be e-mailed to you as an MP3 file which you can then open/save and listen to. You can also send this via e-mail to loved ones/friends who may want to hear this recording. This also works on any digital device that handles MP3 files – ipods, phones, etc. You may also create CD’s to send to family/friends of you/your student’s playing. The studio has catapulted into the 21st century. Another great way to use this service is to request that a song can be recorded that you/your child is playing and it can be sent to you for help in learning (as all books do not come with pre-recorded CDs)


This is separate from lesson fees and this is how the service will work:

For non-adult students, parents will need to sign a paper that they permit me to record songs of the students’ choice. Along with this permission, there will be a $5 set-up fee. I will then record a song(s) of the student’s choice and download to the student’s file on my computer. The set-up fee includes one download and you would send me an e-mail requesting a song that has been recorded and I will send it to you as an attachment. This is to make sure everything is working correctly. After that, the 2nd download (during the same month) would be $3. There will be no further charge that month for up to 5 downloads –additional songs would be $3 each. You must send me an e-mail and request a song – in other words the request must be from the parent, not the student, unless the student is paying for it.


After the initial month, the fee would be $3 each for the first two downloads and no charge for up to three more downloads – a total of $6 for up to 5 downloads ($3 per song after 5 songs)

The $5 MUST be paid before the service is started and the additional $3/downloads will be charged to your invoice. You are free to cancel this service at any time – just make sure your student knows that I will not be recording any more songs for them.


You may also set up a separate time from your lessons to record songs although this would cost extra -the same price as lessons =$17 for ½ hour or $34 per hour plus download fee (see above for download fees)


Let me know if you have any questions













___Yes, I give the Joyful Sounds Piano Studio permission to record my student(s) songs


__No, I do not give the Joyful Sounds Piano Studio permission to record my student(s) songs


Enclosed (or attached) please find the $5 for the set up fee which includes one free download.

I understand that the 2nd download of the same month will be an additional $3 and I can get another 3 free (during same month). After 5 downloads (during the same month), I will be charged an additional $3 per song.


I also understand that the following months will be charged:

$3 each for the 1st two downloads and no additional charge for up to 3 more. After 5 downloads (during the same month), I will be charged an additional $3 per song.


I authorize these charges to be made to my invoice (except for the $5 fee which will be paid up front)


____________________________________ Parent of ________________________