Joyful Sounds Piano Studio - WHERE STUDENTS DEVELOP A LOVE OF MUSIC THROUGH AN ENJOYABLE LEARNING EXPERIENCE. Including piano, guitar, flute lessons and Piano Tuning and Repair and Piano Sales

Comments from the 2013 Teacher Evaluation
 "I really like coming to Joyful Sounds Piano Studio for lessons. I really want to major in music when I get older and Mrs. Hoke makes it so easy to learn piano. My lessons are very nice. I learn lots of new songs and I never worry about messing up because I know that if I do she won't pull a Simon Cowell and be excessive with the harsh criticism. She will help me fix it and we keep going. I took a year off and wasn't worried when I came back because she runs an amazing business and is a great teacher." Keesha (student)
"Joyce, you are a wonderful, patient, creative teacher.  You understand each of your students and what works for them.  You have a terrific variety of incentives and activities so there is something to encourage and challenge everyone.  Your recitals are well organized and entertaining." from Kathy (parent)
"I like that if I miss a few assigned things, she doesn't get angry. I like her dog. She is patient and flexible. I like her music selection." from Garrett
"I like everything! I like that Mrs. Hoke is flexible as far as letting me learn at my own speed, but also encouraging me to try new pieces. I like earning piano dollars and participating in the contests. I am really glad Mrs. Hoke got Bella!" - from Teagan
Comments from the 2012 Teacher Evaluation:
Recommendation for taking piano lessons from one of my adult students: "This is my first time taking any kind of formal music lessons. Being an adult student (and an older one at that), daily life sometimes (often?) interferes with my practice time and sometimes my lesson, too. So, I appreciate Joyce's patience with me. I also appreciate the fact that she takes into account a person's learning style when structuring their lessons. almost 60 years of age, I am finally fulfilling a life long goal. I recommend Joyce to anyone who has wanted to learn to play piano but feels that its "too late" to learn. She will have you playing music within just a short while. With the holiday season fast approaching, why not sign up for lessons now - you'll be playing Christmas songs in time for the Holiday." KM
"Rachel really enjoys taking pianos lessons.  She is so excited to earn piano dollars.  It's really helpful to have this fun incentive.  It's great to have such a wide variety of sons to choose from. She enjoys the recitals as well...and the free pizza!"
"I'm so glad you're such a positive uplifting person.  You always have something nice to say.  You encourage recitals, but don't insist onthem.  If you were a strict teacher we both would be be taking lessons. You're just as much a friend as a teacher giving lessons!  We love you"
Evaluation of the tuner/technician
"To whom it may concern,
I had my piano tuned today by Loyd. This piano was given to me and was looking pretty rough when he came in, and when he opened it it was full of spider webs and dust. Loyd just went to work cleaning it all out and then began tuning it. I had to leave before he was done, so when I got home I walked into a totally transformed piano! It sounds beautiful and looks beautiful as well, he even cleaned the keys! I will be having Loyd back if/when my piano needs retuned or to fix that sticky key he found. I would recomend Loyd and his talents to anyone interested in having thier piano serviced.

Sandi from Oregon"


Comments from the 2011 Evaluation of the teacher and lessons:


"Things are going great and my daughter loves piano. I think you do a great job with contests, using lots of different kinds so kids of all sorts can succeed.  The computer games and practice minutes are our favorites. I would recommend you to anyone" Melissa R.

"Mrs. Hoke is a great teacher. She is very supportive and gives lots of encouragement. I admire her organization and creativity in running her studio. I think her music knowledge is a huge asset for students because you learn all aspects of music" - Roxanne

"Even though she just started, Rachel is enjoying her lessons.  She really likes you and is comfortable arond you, and of course she loves earning piano dollars and shopping at the "store"! She loves playing the games too"

"Three years and still no complaints.  My daughter always enjoys her lessons. Thank you for helping her play music to have her whole family enjoy" Melissa (name of student withheld)

"I have really enjoyed taking piano lessons! I really like how upbeat and positive you are.  You also...have patience...I enjoy choosing my own songs and I like that you help me too. It's so helpful when you play them for me! You're never critical. You're always encouraging even when I pick a song that too hard!..." Susan


"I like the fact that you help me with things I don't understand. You are an awesome teacher!! The contests are fun and really helps me to keep practicing. The book of theory pages was a really good idea too.  I also like the fact we talk but get down to the important stuff. It also helps me when you let me fiture stuff like chords out on my own.  It helps me to remember them better. I also like the fact you explain stuff.                " make learning to play the piano fun...Love the newsletter and structure or scheduling missed lessons. Also appreciate you beginning and ending lessons on time." (from mother of student)

"...I love the goal sheet.  It will motivate me to keep track of my progress and focus on what I want to accomplish as well as see what I have accomplished. I like how you tailor the lessons to meet each student's needs and take into consideration what they want to learn as well as teaching what they need to learn..."

from adult student:

"I greatly enjoy my lessons...Mrs. Hoke is very supportive and encouraging.  She presents the lessons in a way I can understand without making me feel stupid.  I also appreciate all her knowledge in music history and theory.  I am very impressed by the many ways she engages students in learning and practice by computer games and rewards.  The newsletter is also a nice added touch and benefit for students."

References and recommendations

“I am an adult who had the privilege of taking piano lessons from Joyce Hoke and just completed the Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course, Level Three.

   While I had great exposure to music as a child, played an instrument in the orchestra and tried to play the piano on my own, I never had the opportunity to take lessons before.
   Joyce is a very talented, knowledgeable and patient person, and it is very apparent that she is completely devoted to her family and teaching piano.  Her Christian spirit shines through.

   Learning to play the piano was very challenging for me, but it was and continues to be enjoyable.  Joyce answered all my questions completely.  I learned about cordal structure ( one of my goals), the scales in all the keys, phrasing, etc.  I learned more than I ever imagined. Once more comment—I never got away with a thing (Joyce caught every mistake I made)!

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